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The Last Survivor

Based on the True Story of the
Chapecoense Plane Crash

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Based on an incredible true story.

On the night of Nov. 28/2016, a plane crashed with 77 passengers on a hill in the outskirts of Medellín, Colombia.

Chapecoense, a small Brazilian Football Club was aboard this aircraft.

They were going to play one of the most important football games of the year in the continent: The Final of the South American Cup, against Atlético Nacional (Colombia).

Brasão Chapeco

NETO The Last Survivor is a drama sports film about Resilience and Human Connection.

It´s the inspiring story of Helio Neto, a football player who survived miraculously.

It is also an uplifting story of how two countries and a global community were united through this painful experience into brotherhood and hope.

The film is a tribute to “the Team that united Football.”

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NETO The Last Survivor will be filmed in the beaches, streets,
mountains and stadiums of Brazil and Colombia.

Gustavo Nieto Roa

Gustavo Nieto Roa

Director & Producer

Tunja, Colombia, 1942


New York University Film

Production 1961 – 1962

Maryland University MBA 1964

Florida State University Film

Production 1966 – 1967

Familia Magazines – Journalist and graphic designer, Bogotá, 1965.

Mary Knoll and Jesuit Missions Magazines – Reporter, New York, 1967

United Nations – Director of the Radio, Film and TV Department for Latin America.

Documentary Producer – 1968 – 1973.

Mundo Moderno – Founder and Producer, 1973 – 1974.

Pontifical Xavierian University – Film professor, 1985.

ECUAVISA TV – Creator of the Original Production Department.

Producer and director of many soap operas and TV, including the most well-known: “La Baronesa de Galápagos”, 1995.

Association of Film and Video Producers of Colombia CV COLOMBIA – President.

2006 — Ongoing.

Proimagenes Colombia – Active member of the Board of Directors, 2006 - 2008.

Senñal Colombia - Producer and director of the series “Historical Scenarios of Colombia, 2006, 12 episodes of 45 minutes.

2018 — Mariposas Verdes: Producer, director, scriptwriter.

2014 — Estrella quiero ser: Producer, director, scriptwriter and photography director.

2008 — Entre Lençóis (BRAZIL): Producer and director.

2008 — Entre sábanas: Producer and director.

1999 — Es major ser rico que pobre: Executive producer.

1991 — Una Mujer con Suerte: Director.

1984 — Cain: Producer, director and scriptwriter.

1980 — Tiempo para amar: Executive producer.

1980 — Amor ciego: Executive producer, director and scriptwriter.

1980 — El inmigrante latino: Executive producer, director and scriptwriter.

1979 — El taxista millonario: Executive producer, producer, director and scriptwriter.

1979 — Colombia connection: Producer, director, scriptwriter and camera.

1978 — Esposo en vacaciones: Producer, director, scriptwriter and camera

1974 — Aura o las violetas: Producer, director, scriptwriter, photography director

2016 — La Fiesta De Un Pueblo (Brazil): Producer, director and scriptwriter.

2016 — 4 Elementos Colombia: Executive producer.

2011 — Dejando Huella: Producer and director.

2011 — Poesía del Cuerp: Producer.

2010 — El Cine Colombiano Que Quieres Ver: Producer and director. 2008 Hijo De Tigre: Director.

2006 — Los Niños Del Acordeón: Director.

1976 — Retorno a La Vida: Executive Producer and Director.

1975 — Mucho Ruido Y Pocas Nueces: Executive Producer.

1975 — Romance Campesino: Executive Producer, Director and Photography Director.

1975 — Las Fiestas De Mi Pueblo: Director, script and Photography Director.

1975 — La Leyenda De Bochica: Photography Director.

1974 — Ruido Nacional S.A: Executive Producer.

1974 — La Molienda: Executive Producer.

1974 — Getsemaní: Executive Producer.

1974 — Los Niños Primero: Executive Producer and Director.

1974 — Camilo El Cura Guerrillero: Photography Director.

1973 — La Soledad De Emilio: Executive Producer.

1971 — Lorenzo: director and photography.

1971 — La Otra Cara de Mi Ciudad: Director Photography Director.

Founder, President of EGEDA, Colombia, from 2007 to 2018. Member of the Board Directive.

With audiovisual production offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bogota Colombia; Miami, USA.

Production Company

Centauro Produções LTDA is a company founded in Bogota, Colombia in 1965, and today it has branches in São Paulo, Brazil and Miami, USA. Producer of feature films distributed and exhibited in movie theaters in Colombia and other countries.


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